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Build Wealth, Buy Freedom — A Complete Guide to Personal Finance

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Everything you need to know about money and investing in 2 hours.

This training breaks down the strategies and tactics I have used to build wealth and retire early. I now have assets that work while I sleep, covering my living expenses, giving me the freedom to spend my time however I want.

This material will walk you through the process of building savings and accumulating assets, so you can start to live life on your own terms. It is not a magic pill and requires execution on your part.

This training is comprised of 2 hours of video, a PDF handout, and 2 Excel templates, designed to balance theory and practice, strip away the fluff, and get you to take massive action.

I'm a startup founder turned stock market investor, spending 10 years building and mastering this skill set. Many people have asked me "How should I invest" or "How to get good with money."

This is my answer. Actionable insights from real experience.

Who is this for?

+ You want to improve your financial habits and investing skills to buy more freedom

+ You have always wanted to start investing, but never did, or only half-heartedly

+ You want to learn time-tested principles and methods that produce real results

+ You have a bias towards action, and understand that results take time and effort


+ Why invest at all (Hint: To buy more freedom)

+ Money fundamentals: Build better habits and boost your savings rate

+ Investing fundamentals: Time-tested principles that create long-term results

+ Stocks: Become a co-owner of successful businesses, and profit from their earnings and growth

+ Alternative asset classes: Real estate, cryptocurrencies and angel investing

Praise From Others

"Wow, very good condensation of a lot of knowledge, well structured and easy to follow."

Girolamo Rossi

"I really enjoyed Remo’s course about successful investing. It’s the content I wish was taught at school and I had known before getting my first pay-check. Simple and easy to digest principles and strategies to apply to your financial life for a successful handling of your money. Highly recommended!"

Silvan Krähenbühl

"I just completed the course and it's really good."

 — Malte Landwehr

"Great content and solid tips. Love the approach."
 — Thomas Lundquist

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase, or it's not what you expected, just reply to the purchase confirmation within 60 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Take Action

I’m celebrating the launch of the course with a special, time-limited offer. You get $150 off, and after 7 days we go to full price. 

I know it can be scary to take action. It’s a risk. It might not work.

Listen to your gut feeling and intuition. Do you feel that this course could help you? Do you have this looming desire to get good at personal finance and investing? Do you want to have more freedom?

Then I hope you take this risk. If you don’t, everything stays the same. But if you do, there is a chance that this might improve your life.

Remember, there is a 60-day money back guarantee if it’s not right for you. I won’t judge you. People are different. Maybe it’s just not a good fit. That’s ok.


If you have any questions or issues with purchasing the course, send me a private message on Linkedin or Twitter.

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Build Wealth, Buy Freedom — A Complete Guide to Personal Finance

8 ratings
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